'Round the Old Pear Tree
Released October 2015
Recorded Unknown
Length 0:55 (demo)
Label Unknown
Producer Unknown

'Round the Old Pear Tree is a song in Over the Garden Wall (comic series).


'Round and 'round the old pear tree!

'Round and 'round the ol' pear tree!

The cunning little animals gather and sing;

The beasts on the land, the bird on the wing;

Rejoice! Rejoice!

Rejoice and gather 'round the old pear tree!

The old pear tree!

See the little ladies count one, two, three.

See the little gentlemen one, two, three,

If you ain't got a pear you can take it from me,

Or you can take little turn around the old pear tree!

The old pear tree!

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