Vital statistics
Position Good
Age Teenager
Status Alive
The Woodsman's daughter is a character who appears in Over the Garden Wall. She is mentioned frequently, but is never seen until the very last episode (not counting the intro). She is further developed in the comic book miniseries, where her name is revealed to be Anna.

Prior to the adventures of Wirt and Greg, the Woodsman's daughter disappeared, presumably lured away by The Beast and into the forest. In this point in time, The Beast still possessed the Dark Lantern. Not very much is known about how the Woodsman came to possess the lantern, only that he fought the Beast for it, presumably because he was led to believe that his daughter's spirit was inside, even though this was not true. The Woodsman kept the flame lit by making oil of the Edelwood trees created by The Beast's victims, even though The Woodsman was not aware of the origins of the trees' apparitions. In the end of Over the Garden Wall, after The Woodsman extinguished the flame inside the Dark lantern, The Woodsman's Daughter returned from wherever the Beast had hid her. She appears in the Woodsman's own house, holding a lit candle, peeking through the door. She cries after seeing her father again.


It is unconfimed how The Beast made her disappear since she was never in the Dark Lantern.

In the comic-book exploration of the Woodsman's history, it is revealed that Anna was never a captive of the Beast, but ran back to her house and left her cape behind. Her father, who did not return to the house, did not discover that she was alright, and instead believed the Beast's lies.


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The Woodsman's daughter at his house