Auntie Whispers
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Vital statistics
Position Perceived bad, later Good
Age 58
Status Alive

Auntie Whispers is an old lady who appears in The Ringing of the Bell. She is also the sister of Adelaide.


She is Lorna's guardian and has vowed to keep her from "becoming wicked". She possesses a golden bell shaped like a skeleton in a dress that controls the evil cannibalistic demon that has possessed Lorna. She uses this bell to keep Lorna busy with different chores, so as to allow no time for the spirit to assume control of Lorna and even though Lorna is sick, Auntie Whispers refuses to get her a doctor as she believes outsiders could make her wicked (enter the spirit's control). She eats the black turtles by sucking them out of their shell. Her eyes are gigantic and her teeth are completely black and few in number. Greg and Wirt assumed due to Whisper's appearance and unsettling behavior that Auntie Whispers was the one eating people while in reality, it was Lorna all along.

When Wirt banishes Lorna's demon, Auntie Whispers cries tears of joy and sorrow because she thinks that Lorna will then leave her, as she doesn't need her anymore. Lorna stays with Auntie Whispers, and is shown in the end of The Unknown having a much nicer life.


  • Auntie Whispers is the sister of Adelaide of the Pasture, and warns Wirt and Greg about her, unaware that Adelaide is dead.
  • She is based off a nineteenth century illustration of an old man with big eyes who looked like an owl.[1]


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