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Character Information
Name Beatrice
Alias Bird (by Wirt)[1]
Gender Female
Age Teenager (14-16)
Background Information
Status Living
Family Beatrice's Mother & Her Family[2]; Deceased †; Active in The Unknown
Birthday ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Hair color Red (Human)
Eye color Black
Character Type
Position Good
Role Friend, guide
First Appearance | Cast
Cartoon Debut Chapter 1: The Old Grist Mill
Comic Debut OTGW Comic Book 2015 Issue #1
English VA Melanie Lynskey
International VA Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)

Aline Ghezzi (Brazil)

Beatrice is the tritagonist and the false antagonist of the series, she a talking bluebird that accompanies Wirt and Gregory, giving little lines of advice to them every now and then. and is described by her voice actor to be somewhat of a grumpy bird. Beatrice is a daughter among many other children (presumably 10), who previously lived in the Old Grist Mill where the Woodsman ground Edelwood.

Her relationship with the two brothers evolve throughout the series, even though she isn't very openly caring. Most of the time, Wirt seems to believe that she doesn't enjoy the company of Gregory and himself.


In the main series and Tome of the Unknown, she is a small bluebird with a grey-colored head, a orange breast and a white underbelly. Her wings are blue with darker blue tips. As a human, as hinted to in Mad Love and finally revealed in The Unknown, she has red hair that is put into a sort of abstract bun and wears a blue dress. She appears to be a teenager around Wirt's age, although her age is never specified.

Beatrice as a human


Beatrice is portrayed as a very clever and headstrong girl. She is emotionally closed off and doesn't easily convey or show affection. She was, perhaps, a very angry or aggressive child, as she had thrown a rock at a bluebird, which then cursed her and her whole family. After her transformation, Beatrice was ridden with guilt and would do anything to transform her family back into humans. She thinks her family resents her because of her actions, when in reality they miss her and love her dearly. She develops a friendship with Wirt and Greg, even though she nags them and points out their flaws.


One day, Beatrice threw a rock at a bluebird, which cursed her and the rest of her family to become bluebirds. Instead of facing her family and owning up to her misdeed, Beatrice decided to flee home. She eventually made an agreement with Adelaide of the Pasture - Beatrice must find her a child servant in exchange for a pair of scissors that, if used to trim their wings, can return her family to humans.

On the night Wirt and Greg wandered into the woods, Beatrice encountered the brothers briefly, offering to help them find their way, but fled when the Woodsman approached them. The following morning, she became entangled in a bramble bush and was set free by Greg, as he and Wirt happened to be walking down a nearby trail. Beatrice decided to follow the brothers to a village called Pottsfield, offering to guide them to Adelaide, who will help them get home...Or so she tells the boys.

Beatrice accompanied Wirt and Greg into a farmhouse and was the first to be unsettled by the festivities of the eccentric, pumpkin-wearing townsfolk who are actually skeletons with clothes and pumpkin heads on. Beatrice gave into Wirt's pleas to help them escape when Greg discovered a skeleton while digging holes. Once the three escaped, they continued on to find Adelaide.

When walking, Beatrice tells Wirt that he is a pushover and tells Greg that the world isn't a nice place. They then arrive at a schoolhouse, where Wirt follows Ms. Langtree's orders to frustrate Beatrice because she called him a pushover. Before the group left the schoolhouse, she lets Greg finish his concert despite previously pushing to hasten the trip to Adelaide's house.

The three stopped at a colonial tavern one night in order to ask for directions, but Beatrice was immediately kicked out by the proprietor for fear of bad luck because she's a bluebird. She sat outside in the rain attempting to converse with a horse in the tavern's stable, but gave up and eventually flew over to the Woodsman who she heard nearby in order to get directions on her own. Beatrice screamed, seeing a strange shadow and knocking herself out by flying into a tree, and was quickly rescued by Wirt.

Beatrice, Wirt and Greg eventually made their way into the estate of Quincy Endicott. Here, they joined him for dinner while Beatrice convinced the confused baron that Wirt and Greg were his nephews. Beatrice urged Wirt to join her in finding loose change, making a mess of the parlor and breaking a vase. After mistaking the sound of a peacock pecking against the window for Endicott returning, Beatrice and Wirt accidentally trapped themselves in an armoire while trying to hide. After finding a secret passage out of the armoire, Beatrice admits she was once a human cursed to become a bluebird with the rest of her family. Wirt admits he had a crush on a girl and secretly enjoys playing clarinet and poetry. Once out of the passage and into a large room, Wirt noticed a difference in the architectural design of the room realizing that they are now in a different mansion.

In Lullaby in Frogland, she attempts to convince Wirt to not go to Adelaide's house, but her attempts make Wirt more determined to get there. While the brothers sleep, she flies alone to the witch's hut to try to convince Adelaide to not take the brothers, and instead offers herself as a servant. It becomes evident that Beatrice didn't know Adelaide's true intentions with the boys. She is astounded when Adelaide says that she needs a "child servant", having believed that the old witch simply needed some yard work done.

Wirt and Greg soon appear at Adelaide's hut, having followed Beatrice, and after Wirt has discovered Adelaide's plan, he believes that Beatrice has betrayed him and Greg. Beatrice opens a window, causing Adelaide to melt, and in the smoke, Wirt uses the scissors that were promised to Beatrice to free himself and Greg from Adelaide's yarn snares and escape. Beatrice is left alone and regretful as Wirt angrily leaves with Gregory. The next morning she rummages through a drawer, presumably looking for the scissors, and sets off to look for the two boys.

Beatrice later finds Wirt, having fallen into a frozen lake, and with the help of a fisherman, pulls him out. She presumably drops Wirt off at a tree that was made into a temporary home by her family, who take him in to shelter him from the snow.

Beatrice finds Greg, accompanied by the Beast, but before she can get to him, she is blown away by a gust of wind, eventually crashing into Wirt. The two hurry off to find Greg, but an edelwood tree is already growing around him by the time they find him. Beatrice and Wirt try to remove Greg from the edelwood tree as she reassures him, when the Beast appears, demanding Wirt give him the lantern. He threatens to extinguish the lantern before returning it to the Woodsman and frees Greg from the edelwood. Wirt tells Beatrice that he needs to go home, and she relents, admitting she should go home and tell her family that she cursed them. Wirt gives Beatrice the scissors, shocking her. He explains that he used them to escape Adelaide and held onto them because he was mad at her. The two embrace and leave, returning to their respective homes.

In the epilogue at the end of The Unknown, it is shown that Beatrice had successfully returned herself and her family to their human forms. Her mother calls her to come eat her "dirt", poking fun at her for having cursed them, and she takes a seat at the table.




  • Beatrice seems to be an Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis).
  • Her final voice actor is Melanie Lynskey in mini-series. Beatrice's voice was lent by Natasha Leggero in the pilot episode Tome of the Unknown.
  • Her hairstyle and attire imply that she is from the Regency (1795-1837) era.
  • She is likely inspired by Beatrice from the Divine Comedy by Dante, who helped lead Dante from Purgatory and into the nine celestial spheres of Heaven.
  • It has been shown that when Beatrice first met Wirt and Greg, she didn't like them very much (Wirt in particular), but over the course of the series she grew to care deeply for the boys. She was even willing to become Adelaide's servant, just to protect them. It would also explain why she wanted the boys to get kicked off the ferry and why she tried to convince them not to go to Adelaide's cottage because she cared for Wirt and Greg so much that she didn't want them to leave her.


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