Vital statistics
Type Bell
Usage Controls Evil Spirit
Owner Auntie Whispers
The Whisper's Bell is a magical object used by Auntie Whispers to control the evil spirit inside of Lorna. It is a doll-like depiction of a skeleton in an outfit that closely resembles Lorna's.


In "The Ringing of the Bell", Auntie Whispers first uses the bell to force Lorna to reveal the hiding spot of Wirt and Gregory. Thankfully, she misunderstands Lorna and the children aren't found. Before going upstairs, she uses the bell once more to make Lorna clear the floor. Here she reveals that she does it for her own good, to keep her busy and keep the spirit at bay.

Later, when Auntie Whispers is roused from her nap, she attempts to get Lorna away from Wirt and Greg by ringing the bell, but she can't find it. After fleeing from Lorna, now turned evil by the spirit, Greg reveals that his frog has eaten the bell, and tries to wish for a magical tiger. Wirt takes the frog and shakes it, commanding the spirit to leave Lorna's body, and succeeds.

A hint at the bell is also seen at ending of "The Unknown". Before the narrarator goes back to the unknown, Greg shakes his frog and it glows the same way it did in "The Ringing of the Bell" after it ate the bell.



The bell is used by Auntie Whispers, Wirt, and Greg (attempt) to control the evil spirit inside Lorna. Keeping Lorna busy kept the spirit at bay, but idling would let the spirit control her. It was also possible to command the spirit to leave Lorna's body. However, this was not discovered untill Wirt attempted it.