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The Cabbage Gal is a cabbage girl who John Crops meets in the Big City. They quickly fall in love with each other, and move back to the country together at the end of "Tome of the Unknown".


The Cabbage Gal is a vegetable person, similar to John Crops, with a head of cabbage. She wears a white 1900s-style evening dress as well as a white wide-brimmed hat with pink flowers and a blue bow.


The Cabbage Gal was attending a concert in the Big City when John Crops and Greg arrived and another vegetable person announced that the entertainment for the evening was at an end. When Greg suggested that Crops take over the music, the Cabbage Gal asked whether Crops was a musician, and giggled when he said that he played a little. Later, she sang "Shine On, Harvest Moon" along with Crops, both of them oblivious to the havoc around them caused by descending crows. After the crows were scared away, Crops and the Cabbage Gal moved back to the Country Side together.


  • The song that the Cabbage Gal sings with John Crops, "Shine On, Harvest Moon", was a popular early-1900s song, which matches her attire.