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The Cloud City Reception Committee are characters who appear in Babes in the Wood.

They are (most likely) voiced by Judah Nelson.


The Cloud City Reception Committee appears after Greg enters Dreamland, as he is being paraded through Cloud City the Reception Committee appears disgruntled and unhappy at the time in which Greg arrives. Probably due to their nature as a welcoming committee. Before welcoming him with smiles on their face and saying "Welcome to Cloud City!" They then sing a quick tune introducing themselves to Greg.

They later ask Greg to lead their band in a song, which he does for them. They seem to be the vocalists of the band, seen singing while many of the other inhabitants of Cloud City play instruments. They interact with Greg more than most of the other characters throughout the episode.

They appear cheering at one of Greg's heroic acts before Greg leaves Cloud City to return from his dream.

The base appearance is a smaller boy, with shapes resembling classic animation. They all have white clothes, and a small clock on their torsos. They also have small clocks on their torsos. They also all have red hair. There are three members of this committee, all very similar in appearance. The only variation between the three is slight skin-tone differences as well as different colored clocks on their torsos.


There isn't much history to the reception committee. They are simple designs and resemble classic animation. They are part of the whole Cloud City landscape. Which overall are thought to be the type of things Greg would dream about when he falls asleep.


  • Most likely a reference to the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy lands in Munchkin Land. There are two welcome committees in the movie.


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