Enoch is a character who appears in "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee," and cameos in "The Unknown".

He is voiced by Chris Isaak. The etymology of the name "Enoch" comes from one of the two men named Enoch who were in the Bible.

In "Hard Times Huskin' Bee", Wirt and Greg stumble across Pottsfield during harvest time, Greg accidentally steps on a pumpkin. Greg and Wirt join the citizens who are wearing pumpkin costumes and try to ask one of them for a ride home. After hearing the brothers want to leave Pottsfield after trampling their crops and interrupting their private engagement, they are charged with trespassing, destruction of property and disturbing of the peace. The brothers are sentenced to “A few hours of manual labor.” After gathering numerous crops for the harvest, the pumpkin citizens have them dig holes. When Wirt finds a skeleton in Greg's hole, he assumes they will be executed and that they were digging their own graves. Wirt tries to stall them while Beatrice picks the locks on their chains, only to see that skeleton rise out from the hole and don pumpkin clothing, revealing to the trio that the citizens are actually skeletons and were literally "digging the life of the party," and Enoch happily deems the event to be "a wonderful harvest" and allows Wirt, Greg and Beatrice to leave, saying they'll join Pottsfield some day.

Enoch makes a cameo in the Season finale with the rest of the pumpkin citizens lying on the ground and reveals that he is actually a black cat inside a pumpkin-like suit.

Enoch as a cat is seen riding the pumpkin cart, pulled by two turkeys in the introduction. He is also seen as a cat dancing with the Pottsfield people during the dance. However, as soon as he is shown as a giant pumpkin person, he is no longer seen as a cat again.

Enoch is never seen speaking as a cat. When he speaks, he is always in his pumpkin costume.


Although at first he seems to be frightening and overly-protective of his town, he seems to have a friendly, laid-back personality as he jokes with Wirt and Greg about their conviction of murder.

Powers & Abilities

Enoch, unlike most animals, has the power of human speech.

Enoch has also demonstrated the ability of necromancy, an example of reanimating. He is most likely the cause of Pottsfield's undead citizens; this is shown when Larry and Edward did not come back to life until Enoch himself arrived. He can also animate inanimate objects, such as his pumpkin suit. He can speak through it, and can cause it to move around, use its arms, and can control the different threads the body is made of.

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