The Evil Spirit
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The Evil Spirit
Vital statistics
Position Bad
Age Unknown
Status Disappears

The Evil Spirit is a spirit that possessed Lorna in the episode "The Ringing of the Bell". Due to this, her caretaker, Auntie Whispers, controls the evil spirit within Lorna by using a golden bell to control what Lorna does. Auntie Whispers keeps Lorna busy in an effort to prevent her from eating people. Wirt removes the evil spirit from Lorna by ringing the bell to command the spirit to leave Lorna and never come back.


During it's life, the spirit perished due to an unknown cause.

At some point, the spirit possessed Lorna. Auntie Whispers used the bell to control the spirit and forbade Lorna to meet with any visitors, though the spirit was sometimes able to take control of Lorna and eat people. Lorna would be made to sort the bones of those devoured.

One rainy day, Wirt and Gregory came inside of Auntie Whispers' house, believing it was abandoned. They were discovered by Lorna and made to hide when Auntie Whispers came inside after them. When she did not detect the intruders, Whispers used the bell to command Lorna to clean the floor before going to bed.

Wirt helped Lorna clean the floor, planning to help her escape from Auntie Whispers, but they were foiled when Greg's frog went upstairs into Auntie Whispers' room and Greg followed him, waking Whispers. Whispers came downstairs to discover the intruders. She tried to use the bell to get Lorna away from them, but they barricaded themselves and Lorna into the side room. There, the spirit took control of Lorna and tried to devour Wirt and Greg. Wirt broke out through a window and he and Greg ran through the forest to escape.

Once the spirit caught up to them, Greg tried to use the bell, which his frog had swallowed, to command the spirit. Wirt took the frog from him and used the bell to command the spirit to stop making Lorna do evil and to leave and never come back. The spirit was forced to leave Lorna and disappeared.


It looks like a blue ghost-like creature.


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