Fred the Horse
Vital statistics
Position Allie of Wirt and Greg
Age Not Stated
Status Alive
Fred is a talking horse who appears in "Songs of the Dark Lantern" and "Mad Love."

In "Songs of the Dark Lantern", Fred is first seen at the stables with Beatrice because both of them were forced to stay outside.

In Mad Love, Fred accompanies the group to steal money from Quincy Endicott because they need 2 penny's to catch a ferry to Adelaide's house. When arriving, Quincy tells of how he has seen a ghost at the other mysterious side of his mansion. Fred believed Quincy had killed the original owner and took her investment. After it's revealed that the "ghost " was actually Quincy's business competitor, Margueritte Grey, and that both mansions were so huge they were actually connected, Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice get money to take the ferry to Adelaide (which Greg throws in a deep fountain ). Fred then decides to stay with Quincy as an official tea horse.


I wanna steal.


  • Fred is one of few animals in Over the Garden Wall that are able to speak (and, as he only sings, not including Greg's Frog).