The General
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Vital statistics
Position Leader of the Commonwealth Crew
Age Unknown
Status Alive
The General is the commander of the Commonwealth soldiers in the Over the Garden Wall comic series.


The General is a tall man that wears a blue overcoat and white pants. He has white hair and wears a blue military hat. He could be a reference to Don Quixote who, after reading a ton of books about knight errantry, became insane and thought he was a Knight errant. Don Quixote went around opposing people who 'were doing wrong' and people who opposed him and were enemies of him.


The General is perceived as crazy from Wirt and he acknowledges when he says "But aren't we all a little mad in times of war?" He can also be seen as crazy when he looks through his telescope the wrong way.


The General sailed the grasslands in the old bicorne along with the round soldier, the grenadier, and the baby soldier.

One day the soldiers came across Wirt, Gregory, and Beatrice and brought them aboard. The soldiers then waged war on a cow, but were foiled when their new ensign, Greg, had no flag to wave. The General praised Wirt for staring off into the distance, believing he was looking out for enemy reenforcements. The bicorne then became surrounded by a grove of apple trees. The General urged his men to arms, but they were again defeated when Greg threw an apple at one of the trees, causing several more apples to fall on the soldiers. At sunset, Wirt relieved the General and the other soldiers for the night.

The General awoke the next morning when Wirt crashed the bicorne into Greg's washtub barge. As the bicorne sank into the grass, the soldiers fell from their vessel and Greg declared himself their enemy. The baby soldier then held Greg at rattle-point, forcing him to surrender. The General declared the battle won and banished Greg for his crimes against the Commonwealth. The General also discharged Wirt and Beatrice for supposedly trying to undercut his authority. He and the other soldiers sailed off again in the washtub barge.