This page is for Jason Funderberker, the person. For the frog, see Jason Funderburker.
Jason Funderberker
Jason Funderberker
Vital statistics
Position Rival (to Wirt), Overall Good
Age Highschooler (14-16)
Status Alive
Jason Funderberker

Jason Funderberker is Wirt's "competition" for his crush Sara. Wirt mentions Jason multiple times throughout the series and believes that Sara will go out with Jason instead of himself because Jason is the "total package" and he swooped in and took Sara away before Wirt could ask her out. Only in chapter 9 and chapter 10 does the viewer actually see Jason, who turns out to be meek and not well-liked by Sara. Gregory names his pet frog after Jason at Wirt's suggestion, deeming it "the perfect frog name", much to the real Jason's confusion.

He is voiced by Cole Sanchez.


Jason Funderberker seems to be an average height person, being shorter than Sara, but around the same height as Wirt. Overall, he has quite a large, round head, light brown "poofy" hair, very small eyes, and quite an odd nose shape.

Jason's outfit consists of a rich green suit, complimented with a yellow dress shirt, orange tie, yellow pocket protector, and brown dress shoes. No one is sure if Jason's outfit is a Halloween costume or casual apparel.


  • On the official tumblr page, it is stated that Jason the human spells his surname as "Funderberker", while Greg's Frog spells it as Funderburker, to avoid confusion.
  • On Patrick McHale's tumblr, he claims the inspiration for Jason Funderberker's design was himself.