John Crops is a romantic songster man made of a pumpkin, a melon, and four cucumbers. He owns the Vegetable Car and possibly the land it was parked on. He has a very thick southern accent and often gets nervous. When Wirt asks to borrow his car, he says that it is fine as long as Wirt drives him to the Big City. He is voiced by blues singer C.W. Stoneking.


He is a vegetable humanoid, similar to the people of the big city. He has a pumpkin for a head, a watermelon for a body, and cucumber arms and legs with no fingers or toes. His face is somewhat like a pumpkin carving with slanted yellow eyes. He has a straw boater hat torn at the top, and has no other clothing than a tie and collar. The guitar he plays appears to be home-made.


  • John's car is based on him, as it has a watermelon base with cucumber wheels.
  • John Crops doesn't make an appearance in the miniseries. He only appears in Cartoon Network's animated pilot/short Tome of the Unknown.
  • John brings Cabbage Gal back to the Garden to live together.
  • It is unknown whether he has internal organs.
    • John Crops himself has even stated that he does not know whether he has them or not.

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