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Margueritte Grey's Mansion is found in the chapter "Mad Love". It is built alongside Quincy Endicott's Mansion, and when wandering in each others homes the two mistook it as their homes.


Margueritte's mansion is home to many hallways painted in light colors, in particular a pastel seafoam blue walls and the many paintings hung on them like Endicott's. Although her mansion has limited views of its rooms and the halls when Endicott travels through it in the series, in the comic we are able to see the hallway during the day. The series also provided some semblance to her mansion, such as the gold gilded walls and crystal chandelier ceilings, and the flower and vine motifs embellishments in her white foyer and her many colorful centerpieces. Her massive windows also allowed for more natural light to flow in.


Like Endicott, Margueritte lives in a sprawling mansion, arguably the sized of a French palace, built in the French-Roccoco architectural style (noted by Wirt), which was popular in France and spread to Germany and later Portugal between 1730 and 1770s.

Inspired from the opulence of the Baroque period of architecture, this art predominately focused on the decorative and painting derived from the Italian rocaille method of styling fountains. Pastel tones, ornate detail, a jovial and yet refined style. Which can be seen in the light-hearted and elegant ceilings of her mansion. At times bending fantasy and reality in the images that were portrayed and it's asymmetrical representations of nature. Margueritte's dress and accent represent the French idealism expected for an upper-class Frenchwoman from this era.

When Beatrice and Wirt, and Greg and Fred separate to search for something to steal and sell in Mad Love, Wirt and Beatrice find a hidden entrance to her side of the mansion. It is unknown if she accidentally entered Endicott's side of the mansion through that secret entrance, or through the halls like Quincy had.

Known Rooms inside Margueritte's Mansion

  • Foyer
  • Greenhouse
  • Master Bedroom
  • Glasshouse for Tea Fair (in Comics)




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