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"I guess the world really is as sweet as potatoes and molasses."[1]

—Mr. Langtree, in Schooltown Follies.

Mr. Langtree is the father of Miss Langtree. He appears in "Schooltown Follies." He is rather old and somewhat grouchy.


While wearing his coat, Langtree appears to be a large, broad-shouldered man, but upon taking his coat off, he is revealed to be a slim man with an oversized coat.


Mr. Langtree was the father of Miss Langtree. Together, they founded a School House for animals, where Miss Langtree taught. Mr. Langtree was eventually forced to spend his life savings and sell his home in order to keep the school open.

One day, while visiting the school, Langtree found the students playing instruments, led by Gregory as he sang "Potatoes and Molasses". Langtree cut off the song, chastising his daughter and reminding her that their school was meant for important work. He confiscated the musical instruments and ordered the students to bed before leaving the school. That night, in a clearing in the woods near the schoolhouse, Langtree agonized over the difficulty of keeping the school open, regretting that he must sell the confiscated instruments to do so. He scorned his daughter's lost love, Jimmy Brown, before falling asleep.

The next morning, Langtree awoke to find the instruments stolen. When he came out of the woods, he found that Gregory had organized a benefit concert using the instruments. Several people nearby donated money to the school as the animals played music. Then, the "wild gorilla" appeared, and Langtree told Wirt to do something. Wirt tripped over his shoelace and knocked the gorilla over, removing the headpiece from the gorilla costume. Inside of the costume was Brown, who was happily reunited with Miss Langtree. Mr. Langtree expressed his happiness for his daughter and the successful fundraiser.

Later, Langtree attended the circus with his daughter, Brown, and the school animals.







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