Natasha Allegri was a writer and storyboard artist for the Over the Garden Wall miniseries.


Natasha Allegri grew up in Inverness, Florida in the United States. She met Pendelton Ward through her LiveJournal account where she posted autobiographical comics.

While Allegri attended college, Ward invited her to work on his Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. She worked on the series from 2010 to 2014.

In 2013, Allegri created her own cartoon series, Bee and PuppyCat. She received a nomination for the "Breakthrough Series - short form" Gotham Independent Film Award for this series.

Allegri has created several comic books featuring the characters from Bee and PuppyCat as well as her own gender-swapped versions of the characters from Adventure Time.

Work on Over the Garden Wall

Allegri served as a writer for three episodes of Over the Garden Wall: The Old Grist Mill, Mad Love, and The Unknown. She also storyboarded sections of The Old Grist Mill.

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