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The Mill
The old grist mill.gif
Type Water Mill
Location The Unknown
Inhabitants The Woodsman

The Mill is a location that the Woodsman used to harvest grist from Edelwood to feed The Dark Lantern until it was destroyed by the Dog in The Old Grist Mill.


The Mill has two portions, the housing area (right) and mill (left). A small dirt path can be seen leading up the front door. Also, there is a waterfall behind the house, which is part of the stream that runs by the mill.


The Old Grist Mill

After the Mill was destroyed, the Woodsman set up a hand-cranked machine to take its place, although the machine was never seen working.

Into the Unknown

Before Beatrice and her family was turned into birds, this is where they lived. After they were turned back into humans, they moved back in.



  • As a small foreshadowing to Beatrice's family living there, a bluebird sculpture is seen inside the house in the first episode
  • If Beatrices family lived there before they were turned to birds, that begs the question, how did the Woodsman, or the beast make oil before that? It also implies Woodsman's daughter was taken by the Beast not long after Beatrice was cursed.
  • There are very subtle indications that Beatrice's family lived here before the finale of the show, this those indications being bluebird themed decorations.



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