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Patrick McHale is the creator of Over the Garden Wall.

He previously served as a storyboard artist, writer and creative director on Adventure Time and a storyboard artist on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. He worked on Flapjack for one season, and Adventure Time for five.

Since finishing the series he has written a one-shot comic for Boom! Comics that complements the series. He has also published his own short book, Bags, which he sold via his website Someb Ooks. He is currently in the process of writing a four-part Over the Garden Wall comic series which will start in August 2015 and directing a Costume Quest animated short for Frederator Studios.

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  • He has a tumblr page: Old Sideling Hill
  • He has composed and recorded two albums, The End and Down About Television, and his music can be found on his bandcamp page.
    • He, along with The Blasting Company, composed the music for the series and also created the songs "Oh, Marceline", "Dream of Love" and "Something Special" for Adventure Time.
  • He released a short book called Bags, which can be bought on his site Someb Ooks.
  • He originally concieved the show in 2004, with a darker tone and more adventure-based stories. He then pitched the show in 2006 before working on The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.
  • It was originally envisioned as a Halloween special, but he struggled to adapt the show with a longer story-arc and a series-long narrative.
  • He thought the series would be "something that felt higher quality than what we could do with a regular series" and so they settled on a mini-series format.