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Potatoes and Molasses Songs of the Series Over The Garden Wall Cartoon Network

Potatoes and Molasses is a song that appears in Schooltown Follies. It is sung by Gregory, and the music is performed by Ms. Langtree and the School Animals. The song is later interrupted by Mr. Langtree at the end.

In The Unknown, a slower, more somber version of this song can be heard in the background.


Oh, potatoes and molasses

If you want some, oh, just ask us

They're warm and soft like puppies in socks

Filled with cream and candy rocks

Oh, potatoes and molasses

They're so much sweeter than algebra classes

If your stomach is grumblin' and your mouth starts a-mumblin'

There is only one thing to keep your brain from crumblin'

Oh, potatoes and molasses

If you can't see 'em, put on your glasses

They're shiny and large like a fisherman's barge

You know you've eat enough when you start seeing stars

Oh, potatoes and molasses

It's the only thing left on your task list

They're short and stout to make everyone shout

For, potatoes and molasses

For, potatoes and-

-That's enough!