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Type Town
Location The Unknown
Inhabitants Pumpkin People

Pottsfield is a location that appears in "Hard Times at the Huskin' Bee." The town is inhabited by pumpkin people who are later revealed to be skeletons with vegetables as clothing and pumpkins as heads. The leader of Pottsfield is Enoch, a giant pumpkin creature, who uses his powers to punish ones who do wrong to the village.


The people of Pottsfield live in normal looking houses and seem to have large turkeys rather than horses to pull carts and wagons.

Pottsfield is surrounded by farmland that is growing corn, pumpkins and wheat. These fields are maintained by the citizens of Pottsfield. In the fields are several sheds and trails for the wagons. A basic fence is found on both sides of the trail that leads from the woods to Pottsfield.


Buildings in Pottsfield

  • Barn
  • Church
  • Houses



  • A potter's field, also known as a common grave, is a term for a place for the burial of unknown or impoverished people who could not afford marked graves.

  • Potter's fields were also used to bury masses of 10,000 to up to 34,000 people on occasions.

  • Pottsfield is operated by a black cat named Enoch who is probably a reference to black cats in popular culture who collect souls of the perished to bring them to their final resting place. Enoch is also the name of a man in the Jewish bible who ascended into heaven without dying.


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