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Cloud City Queen.png

The Queen of the Clouds is a character who appears in "Babes in the Woods."

She is the ruler of Cloud City and appears after Greg imprisons the North Wind to grant him a wish. In the wish Greg asked to find a way home for both Wirt and himself but, she says that Wirt is too lost to find a way out.


The Queen of the Clouds has pale skin, with rosy cheeks and pink lips, pale blue eyeshadow, and pastel blue hair in an up-do. She has cloud-shaped wings and has a wand with a white bird at the end. She wears a turquoise, long-sleeved top, with a gray cloud-shaped collar. Her floor-length skirt is pastel yellow and looks like it is made of clouds, and she wears a gold crown. Birds are always shown flying around her hair.



Powers & Abilities



It has been theorized that The Queen of the Clouds is actually a part of Greg's dream that was manipulated by the Beast to get Greg to leave Wirt behind. Or that the Beast is the whole reason Greg went into the Dream Land. While this has in no way been confirmed. It does give you something to think about when you listen carefully to what she tells Greg.




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