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Rhondi (right)

Rhondi is a female character who appears in the chapter "Into the Unknown." She was dressed as an egg for Halloween. She seems to have told everyone that she is an egg multiple times, considering the fact that her friends acted annoyed when she stated she was dressed as an egg to Wirt and Greg. Rhondi, Kathleen and an unnamed cowgirl were at the football game when the two half-brothers came by while Sara was at the field in the bumblebee suit, they comment about how Wirt feels for Sara, later Greg give the tape to the girls so they could show it to Sara for Wirt. When Wirt and Greg went back for the tape she and Kathleen told them that they put the tape in Sara's jacket, Wirt then rushes by Rhondi and accidentally knocked her over.



The vintage egg costume from Into the Unknown. Dorothy Gulliver in a publicity photo for The Collegians, 1926.