Vital statistics
Type Rock
Usage Decoration, Companion
Owner Mrs. Daniel but stolen by Greg
The Rock is a rock with a face painted on it that Gregory steals out of Mrs. Daniel's yard, not mentioning he stole it. He makes it sound like it was given to him. He makes continual jokes ("rock facts") throughout the series with it, not expressing his regret for stealing it until he is seen turning into an edelwood tree in The Unknown. The series ends with him returning it to Mrs. Daniel.


Rock is a round grey rock with white and blue painted eyes, and large yellow lips with a tongue sticking out.

Rock Facts

There are only 3 Rock Facts in the show.

  • If you soak a raisin in grape juice, it turns into a grape.
  • Dinosaurs had big ears, but everyone forgot this because dinosaur ears don't have bones.
  • Greg stole this rock from old lady Daniel's yard.