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"So I used to be really good at ballet, but my mom wanted me to be a wrestler."[1]

—Sara, in My Reverie | Into the Unknown

Character Information
Name Sara
Alias Ghost (by Wirt)[2]
Gender Female
Age Teenager (14-16)
Background Information
Status Alive; Briefly active in The Unknown [in dreams]
Family Mother[1]; Alive
Birthday ?
Height ?
Weight ?
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Character Type
Position Good
Role Crush, Friend, High school Mascot
First Appearance | Cast
Cartoon Debut Episode | Chapter 9: My Reverie | Into the Unknown (Part 1)
Comic Debut OTGW Comic Book 2016 Issue #7
English VA Emily Brundige
International VA ?

Sara is a character who appears in Episode 9 and 10, "My Reverie | Into the Unknown Part 1-2” (voiced by Emily Brundige). She makes two appearances - in the flashback through the two explodes. She is the school mascot (the bee) of Wirt's high school.


Cartoon Network Studios: Over the Garden Wall Character Sheet.

Character Design: by Mikkel Sommer
Character Color: by Carol Wyatt.[3]

Her ethnicity is unknown, but it is most likely African American. She appears to have dark brown skin, judging by the tone of her hands and neck as well as her face (the latter of which is shown in the comic series). She has a blue NASA bomber jacket.

Cartoon Network Studios: Over the Garden Wall Character Sheet.

Character Design: by Mikkel Sommer
Character Color: by Carol Wyatt.[3]

Her Halloween costume consists of a pastel polka-dot puffy clown suit with a black tagged collar. Her face is painted over to appear as a skeleton. After she changes out of the bee mascot suit she wears a blue NASA bomber jacket and blue bicycle helmet with a red and white stripe. Her helmet resembles the 'Union Jack', and may very well be designed to be the flag of the United Kingdom.

She also wears black canvas sneakers.


Sara is described to be a generally nice girl who is polite and cordial towards everyone. Due to her outgoing and understanding personality, this attracts both Wirt and Jason's attraction for her. She is a forward and honest person based on her easy manner of speaking.


Wirt has a crush on her, as is fully revealed to us in episode 9. Her existence and his crush are hinted in a previous episode.

Jason Funderberker also has a crush on her shown in episode 9 and tries to make moves towards her to show this, but ultimately is turned down by an uninterested Sara, who acts as a friend towards him. Wirt, however, thinks that he and she are definitely going to get together and that he has no chance (until the end of episode 10).

Wirt made a tape for her in Chapter 9 and was given to her by some of Wirt's friends.

She apparently practices wrestling, which her mother wanted her to do, although she wished to be a ballet dancer instead. Not much else is known about her.

As shown in the comics, she later briefly appears in the Unknown when Greg and Wirt share a dream walking through the other world. Whether the events told in their shared dream is one shared by Sara or are merely generated by the dream is left ambiguous.



Greg Distracting Sara and Friends in Cemetery on Halloween.

Greg and Sara seem to be good friends, but it is generally accepted that Greg's social and outgoing nature make him friendly with everyone. Although they have had limited interaction in the series, and is explored somewhat in the comics, Greg and Sara are brought together by their relationship with Wirt; Wirt being Greg's brother, and Greg wanting to help Wirt give Sara the cassette tape, and then take back the tape.


Wirt at party talking to Sara on Halloween.

Although Wirt is very shy and is generally awkward around Sara, she appears to have wanted to hang out with him more in the series, based on wanting to know if Wirt was in the cemetery with Greg. After they return from the Unknown, Sara expressed concern for Wirt and Greg in the hospital. In the comic book series, Sara helps Wirt search for Greg (after saving his life from a ghost) and the two work together to stop the shape-shifting creature and unmasking Pirate Croaker.

Jason Funderberker

Jason Trying to Hold Sara's Hands in the Cemetery on Halloween.

As schoolmates, Sara gets along with Jason Funderberker. It seems that she is not aware of his feelings for her, while possibly her friends do, but nonetheless she still treats him like a normal friend. It's possible that because of her outgoing personality and understanding nature that Jason developed a crush on her; for example, the way she consoled him as they entered the cemetery[1] after his failed attempt of a joke. 


  • She seems to be aware of Wirt's crush on her as this is supported in the comics where she is shown blushing along with Wirt
  • She is also the indirect cause that Wirt and Greg ended up in the unknown since Wirt is trying to give her his tape, which Greg gives to her, but Wirt wants it back and thus leading to the events of the story.


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