Vital statistics
Position Good
Age Highschooler (14-16)
Status Alive

Sara is a character who appears in Over the Garden Wall. She makes two appearances - in the flashback through episode 9 and at the end of episode 10. She is the school mascot (a bee).

Wirt has a crush on her, as is fully revealed to us in episode 9. Her existence and his crush are hinted in a previous episode.

Jason Funderberker also has a crush on her shown in episode 9, and tries to make moves towards her to show this, but ultimately is turned down by an uninterested Sara, who acts as a friend towards him. Wirt, however, thinks that he and her are definitely going to get together and that he has no chance (until the end of episode 10).

Wirt made a tape for her in Chapter 9, and was given to her by some of Wirt's friends.

She apparently practices wrestling, which her mother wanted her to do, although she wished to be a ballet dancer instead. Not much else is known about her.

As shown in the comics, she later appears in the Unknown when Greg and Wirt share a dream walking through the place. Whether the events told in their shared dream are one shared by Sara or are merely generated by the dream is left ambigous.

Sara is voiced by Emily Brundige.


Her ethnicity is unknown, but it is most likely African American. She appears to have dark brown skin, judging by the tone of her hands and neck as well as her face(the latter of which is shown in the comic series). She has a blue NASA bomber jacket.