School Animals
Vital statistics
Position Students
Age Children
Status Alive
The School Animals are characters in "Schooltown Follies", and are the students of Ms. Langtree. They also perform Potatoes and Molasses with Ms. Langtree and Gregory. Unlike Beatrice and Fred, the school animals can't speak, despite sharing many characteristics with humans. Many of the school animals are able to play instruments, seen during Potatoes and Molasses, and at the end of the episode, when they perform for a school fundraiser. It seems that all of the school animals sleep, eat and learn in the School House.


The animal students consist of:

  • A bunny, wearing a blue dress and hat, with a yellow ribbon.
  • A piglet, wearing a green checkered hat and brown trousers.
  • A French Bulldog, wearing a navy-and-white sailor suit, and navy hat.
  • A kitten, wearing a yellow dress and cap, with ruffled bloomers.
  • A fox, wearing a striped brown suit and hat, with a greenish-brown bowtie.
  • Two sheep--the older one in a gray dress and hat, the younger one in a blue suit and brown boater hat.
  • A raccoon wearing a faded blue pageboy cap and matching single-strapped overalls with a patch.
  • A deer wearing a beige unionsuit with a faded indigo patch.
  • A possum wearing gray-green trousers called Jeff by Greg.


  • Appear to be inspired by Richard Scarry's Busytown animals.
  • Alternatively, they may be inspired by Beatrix Potter's illustrations.