School House
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Type School House
Location The Unknown
Inhabitants Ms. Langtree and Students
This location is seen in Schooltown Follies and is where most of the chapter takes place. Ms. Langtree and the School Animals can be found in this location. The animals seem to live and eat at the schoolhouse while Ms. Langtree teaches them. The whole school is funded by Mr. Langtree. The School House is of sentimental value to Mr. Langtree as shown when he calls it "that dear, dear school" and when he steals the students instruments in a desperate attempt to save the school.
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This building is painted red and is one story. In the front is a porch that has white columns and there is a bell on top of the building. The front room is the classroom portion of the building which includes two rows of desks, a chalkboard, and a dunce box in the corner where misbehaving students must go. The middle room in the schoolhouse is a dining area with a piano that Ms. Langtree plays. Lastly, there is a back room where the students sleep.