Send Me a Peach is a song that is only found as an instrumental in the television series, but in the record it has words.

It goes like this:

I never dreamed that there'd come a day

When I'd find myself far from your arms.

Now that I am, I can hardly stand

Not to be near your sweet southern charms.

Send me a peach from old Georgia

Down where the savannah flows.

If I could have one bite of Georgia,

I would feel right here at home.

I miss the shady old lanes there,

Walkin' with you by my side.

Just send me one peach from Georgia

Just so I know you'll be mine.

I hope that you won't forget me

Before my road leads back to you.

Though the winter may bring the whole world to its knees,

The spring shall return with its fruit.

The wind here is ready for winter;

It seems to turn everything blue.

So just send me (send me) send me one little peach

Just a sweet, sunny peach of you.

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