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Type Building
Location The Unknown
Inhabitants Tavern Keeper

The Tavern appears in the episode "Song of the Dark Lantern". The Tavern is run by the Tavern Keeper and has a large dog that sleeps in the front of the door. There also is a stable attached to it where Fred is found.

Before Wirt and Greg enter the Tavern, the Highway man is seen in the window on the second floor.


The Tavern is a basic grey stone brick building with two storys. The only windows seen from the front is the one on the second floor and the other that faces the stable.

Notable people inside


  • Tavern people in the prologue.

    In the prologue, we are shown a few wooden toys of people in the Tavern, which appear to be The Highway Man, Tavern Keeper, Butcher, Baker, and two of the tavern musicians. They may have been made by The Toymaker.