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The Toymaker is a character who appear in "Songs of the Dark Lantern." He labels Wirt "The Young Lover", and sings "A Courting Song". He is a prominent guest at the Tavern and, as his name implies, sculpts toy figurines for a living. He is voiced by Frank Fairfield.


During their travels in the Unknown, half-brothers Wirt and Greg, as well as their new bluebird friend Beatrice, are pursuing Adelaide, who they believe will be able to bring Wirt and Greg home, when a sudden rainstorm forces them to shelter at the Dark Lantern tavern. Wirt approaches the Toymaker to ask for directions to Adelaide, but the Toymaker interrupts him before he can finish his sentence and mistakes Wirt a "young lover" who wants Adelaide to marry him. Wirt tries to explain the misinterpretation, but before he can do so, the Toymaker begins to give Wirt marital advice in the form of a song. The song attracts the attention of the entire tavern, and the patrons promptly join in the song and celebrate Wirt's supposed "engagement". Afterwards, the bar patrons demand that Wirt sing a love song. Cornered, Wirt sings an improvised song about his true intentions and the bar patrons, including the Toymaker, realize their misunderstanding and hail Wirt and Greg as "pilgrims".


The Toymaker is a small man with short gray hair, and he is shown wearing a green apron and a button up shirt. Throughout the encounter he keeps a jolly disposition.


  • In the beginning scenes of chapter one and ending scenes of chapter ten, multiple toy models of characters in the tavern, and later Wirt and Greg, are revealed to have been made by the toy maker, and can be seen placed on a shelf.