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When a user makes a good edit

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  1. BringBackOverTheGardenWall

    === ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ===

Tome of the MLG


Gud day m80's and welcome to my 100% 1337 page

When your potatoes and molasses are done

My favorite pages


When you realize Over the Garden Wall is only a miniseries

When you nut but she keeps suckin'

In my studies I have found some sp00ky things about otgw

  • Over the Garden Wall has 17 letters in it
  • Wirt and Greg have 8 letters in it
  • 17 take 8 is 9
  • The square root of 9 is 3
  • A triangle has 3 sides
  • Illuminati is triangle
  • Over the Garden Wall equals illuminati confirmed
  • But wait, Wall has 4 letters in it and Bill has 4 letters in it
  • Cipher and Garden have 6 letters in it
  • Bill Cipher is in Gravity Falls
  • Bill Cipher resembles the illuminati which means that Gravity Falls is illuminati
  • Both Gravity Falls and OtGW are illuminati
  • Not convinced? Lets go deeper then!
  • Garden and Gravity start with a G
  • Falls and Walls rhyme
  • This means that Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall will have a crossover episode called Over the Gravity Falls

Pages I made

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  1. Quincy Endicott's mansion
  2. Tavern
  3. Pumpkin people
  4. School House
  5. Jack Jones
  6. Adelaide's Scissors
  7. Quincy Endicott's Prize Winning Peacocks
  8. The Tome of the Unknown (book)
  9. The Big City
  10. The Country Side
  11. The Garden Cat
  12. The Vegetable Car
  13. The General
  14. Jerron Paxton
  15. Emily Brundige
  16. Common Wealth Crew's Boat
  17. Common Wealth Crew


Ideas for pages

  • Quick scoping tutorial
  • Dank Meme database

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/\ mfw reading fanfiction /\

Most L3G1T phrases

  • MLG
  • Ohhh baby a triple
  • does insane trickshot* MOM, get the camera!
  • That had ever been done before, that has never happened in the history of DOTA
  • That's right, get noscoped!

My traumatic story

>Be me

>Goes on 4chan to see what it is like

>Clicks /b poll (random)

>Given a terms of condition

>Uncertainly clicks "I agree"


>Scrolls down 5 posts

>I now have aids and PTSD


[ ]not rustled [x] rustled


Srry 4 teh derp

Watching OtGW for the 14th time

Which clan is better?

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Gnome Child
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