Hey, fellow OtGW fans! I have decided to give everyone an update about what is going on. First thing, for everyone who doesn't know, wikis have tasks that can be viewed by admins. Just recently, the OtGW Wiki has reached 100% completed tasks! This wiki has come a long why from when I first started editing. I remember when Fred the Horse's page was a single paragragh. Also, admins have access to the amount of views the wiki gets, how many edits happen and how many photes are posted.
Wikia stats May 18th

As you can see, the amount of editors range from 2100 to 2600. This number has remand constant for about a month now. I would like to give a shout-out to the constant editors! This includes Thibo1102, Pica2003, and Wirt12.

In regards to Shnuborls, she hasn't been on the wiki for 4 months and that was just to leave several comments. For any who doesn't know, Shnuborls is the founder of the wiki and for a time, was the only admin. Many of you know that I have been given admin rights from Merrystar, who is a wiki staff member. It is uncertain if Shnuborls will ever return, but I do know that her twitter (which is OtGW theme) is constanty updated. Also, a couple weeks back, I left a question on her OtGW blog if she will ever return. So far, she remains inactive on the wiki.

Desides that, the wiki has been doing great and I want to thank every editor on the wiki for making this wiki awesome.

Happy editing!

Be More89 (talk) 22:15, May 18, 2015 (UTC)