Hello everyone, today I want to talk about the opening of a few positions in ths wiki. We don't need ever position filled, these are mostly posible roles. If you are interested in anyone of these roles, please message me with what role(s) you want and why you think you would be good at them. Keep in mind that you can apply to a position any time, even a long time after this post is made.


Activity Monitor: Someone who checks new edits for grammar and other errors. Should undo edits that add incorrect information. There are no real requirements for this position, but it is recommended to be good at grammar and spelling. Also, experinced users who get this position may get the roll back right.

Forum Moderator: Someone who checks the forum and makes sure nothing is out of place. The forums are not that popular on this wiki so this will not be a difficult job. The users with this position will be given the chat moderator and moderator user right. The only requirment for this position is experience with this wiki or other wikis. If there are more than one forum moderators (which we don't need), then I will choose a head moderator.

Template Manager: This is someone who keeps track of the templates on this wiki and creates new one. This user has the ability to create templates and improve existing ones. Many of the templates on this wiki are standard wiki template. A good template on this wiki is the stubs template because it relates to Over the Garden Wall. I would like the template managers to make many of the wikis templates, such as the delete template, more relevent to OtGW. Also the template manager can create user templates which are a fun way to decorate user pages. Examples of user template are on the bottem of my user page.Template and html experiece is required. I will also create a student template manager position for users that want this position but don't have too much experience with templates.

Admin: This is an all around position that deals with many sections of this wiki. However, I'm not sure if this wiki needs another admin at this time. If a real good canidate applies then maybe I will grant adminship. The requiments are being on this wiki or other wikis for a long time, experience with multiple fields such as templates and forums, and having past staff positions in in any wiki.

These are all the position that are open. Allpy anytime you want if you think we need any staff members. Also, if you have an idea for a new type of position, let me know.


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