If you wish to help the OtGW Wiki and be apart of the community, here are some things you can do:

  • Add to the forums: The forums are a great place to discuss the show
  • Discuss theories: OtGW has many theories and the forums are a great place to discuss them
  • Grammar and spelling corrections: Althought these are hard to find, fixing errors is a good way to increase the quality of a page
  • Work on stub pages: This wiki has many stub or unfinished pages and adding onto these articles helps a lot (This one is important)
  • Working on your profile page: Adding onto your profile pages helps tell the wiki who your are and improves the community
  • Post a blog or comment on blogs: This is a good way to communicate and tell the wiki how you feel
  • Invite people to join this wiki: More people on this wiki means more content and a bigger community
  • Add photos: This could be adding relevant images to a page or adding photos to your profile page/blog

Althought this wiki has been around for more than two years, there are many things that can be done. Over the Garden Wall is a special show and deserves a good wiki.