Vegetable Car
Vegetable Car
Vital statistics
Type Car
Usage Driving
Owner John Crops
This car is made completely of vegetables. It is found in the garden within the country side. This car is owned by John Crops. It only appears in Tome of The Unknown. Wirt, Greg, Beatrice and John Crops ride in this car to get to the Big City. On the way to the Big City, Wirt gets distracted by crows and crashes into a scarecrow. Wirt then tries to fix the car while Greg and John Crops go into the Big City. Wirt ends up fixing the car but knocks over the scarecrow when pulling out. This causes crows and other animals to harass the citizens of the Big City. Wirt decides to leave John Crops in the Big City and drive way from the danger. When trying to escape, crows attack and destroy this car but it then replaced by a goose.


  • Even though the majority of the car is watermelon, it was considered made completely out of vegetables.
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