Wirt and Greg's House
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Type House
Location Wirt and Greg's Hometown
Inhabitants Wirt and Greg
Wirt and Greg's house is a location in Into the Unknown (episode). Outside it shows a pumpkin wearing a witch hat, a black cat and a crescent moon behind it. It also has a Jack-O-Lantern near the door, and a mummy with a black torso, and a pumpkin head similar to the people of Pottsfield.

Inside The House

Wirt's room is one of a few rooms in the household. His room is small, that has a bed with green covers, a light-blue pillow in a pattern: brown, white, blue. A blanket at the end that's orange on the edges. Two orange diamonds in the middle next to green rectangles, and completely pale yellow along with his clarinet as it lays besides it. The floor is a red carpet scattered with all kinds of things: books, papers, an owl statue, and two tube socks. A nightstand carrying a lamp on top as well a golden cover book,sticky notes, to illuminate the room( appears as the only other source of light in the entire bed area) showing a cluster of papers near. Just across is his desk and chair where the cassette player that plays Wirt's Tape sits. in the upper left corner a band poster is seen title "Black Turtles", over at the other side stands his dresser, a mirror and floor fan.


The Attic is the top floor of the house under the roof and the placement of the belongings Wirt uses for his costume and outfit for Halloween & throughout the series. It's a standard attic containing a few boxes, a chest and a grey-sweatshirt. Wirt goes up there and finds a Santa Claus hat, and a WW2 1940's Navy nurses cape coat.


  • The toy train on his desk reflects the train Wirt and Greg almost get run over by.
  • Cassette players were something in the 80's, an idea why Wirt has one still when Sara proclaims she doesn't have one.
  • Navy nurse capes were worn by the nurses who attended in helping the wounded during WW2 in the United states. Wirt helped Greg out and was very concern about his safety and health greatly.
  • Wirt's room has one side clean the other scattered from his stuff, this must be during times of anxiety.
  • This is also where he'll write poetry & play clarinet(only in secret).


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