Woodsman's Wife
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Vital statistics
Position Good
Age Adulthood
Status Deceased

The Woodsman's Wife and the mother of Anna is a character in Over the Garden Wall (comic series).


She was raised in the country until marrying her husband, who she met at school. She had a child, Anna, with him, and the three lived in the city until the Woodsman was barred from his position as municipal judge. She suggested they move out to her deceased aunt's home in the country, and her husband agreed that they could make do there.

It appears she did most of the work maintaining the land there, as her husband didn't have the skills necessary for farming even on a small scale. She taught her daughter rhymes to help her remember things, such as plants from the forest that could be eaten.

She died of an injury from an unknown animal, possibly the Beast which she sustained during a hunting trip while Anna was still young.

However, she was also "allowed" to return for a fortnight, appearing as an apparition in reflective surfaces to guide Anna and teach her things she was not able to teach her before.


The Woodsman's wife is pale, with a pointed nose and dark brown hair that she keeps in a bun. She typically wears a white shirt with a rounded collar and a blue skirt, and can also be seen wearing a brown vest, a light grey apron, and a light blue handkerchief around her neck.


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